Terms and Conditions

CLUB, trade name, THE LASER CLUB uses the following general terms and conditions.

Applicability and Terms and Conditions

In these Terms, “THE LASER CLUB.” means established in Amsterdam, at Waalstraat 26, 1078 BT in Amsterdam.
In this agreement, “the practitioner” means the laser specialist.
In these terms and conditions, “client” is understood to mean the person who commissions THE LASER CLUB for treatment.
In these terms and conditions, “client” is also understood to mean its legal representative.
In these terms and conditions, "treatment" means all treatments performed by THE LASER CLUB.
In these terms and conditions, "treatment agreement" means the agreement concluded by THE LASER CLUB with a client (informed consent) regarding a treatment.

The effect of Section 7:404 and Section 7:407 paragraph 2 of the Dutch Civil Code is expressly excluded.


These terms and conditions apply to every offer, quotation and treatment agreement of THE LASER CLUB, even if THE LASER CLUB engages a third party for the implementation thereof.

These general terms and conditions may only be deviated from if THE LASER CLUB has expressly agreed to this in writing.

Terms and conditions of the client are not accepted.

THE LASER CLUB is entitled not to comply with an unreasonable and/or unusual desire of the client and may refuse to perform a treatment.

Privacy & Confidentiality

If the client agrees to treatment at the practitioner and signed the treatment agreement (informed consent), the client agrees to the privacy policy of THE LASER CLUB.


THE LASER CLUB is obliged to observe secrecy towards third parties who are not involved in the execution of the assignment. This duty of confidentiality concerns all information of a confidential nature that has been made available to THE LASER CLUB by the client. The obligation of secrecy does not apply if there is an obligation under the law to disclose certain information. THE LASER CLUB is entitled to use the information obtained for statistical purposes. THE LASER CLUB will ensure that the information cannot be traced back to the individual client.


Prior to the execution of the treatment agreement, the client grants THE LASER CLUB written or online, unconditional and unconditional permission for this by completing and signing the intake form and informed consent of THE LASER CLUB.

The client unconditionally and without reservation – in view of due care – grants permission for the registration of his personal data and medical data that are relevant to the treatment and the completion of the treatment.

THE LASER CLUB may require the client to confirm his consent in writing.

Duty to cooperate

The client provides THE LASER CLUB to the best of its knowledge with the information and cooperation that it reasonably requires for the execution of the treatment agreement and must follow the advice of THE LASER CLUB.

The client must always be able to identify himself at THE LASER CLUB's first request with a legally recognized proof of identity with a BSN. If a client cannot show such proof of identity, THE LASER CLUB is entitled to suspend the treatment agreement. The costs thereof shall be borne by the client.

Treatment results

All treatments are an obligation of effort and not an obligation of result. Therefore, no guarantee can be given for a result. Unexpected complications can always occur, such as infections, bruising, pigment shifts or scar tissue, blister formation, etc.


The first consultation is free and without obligation.

During the first consultation, a price agreement is made for the treatment. The treated area is also noted here.

The price agreement made is per treatment.

The practitioner reserves the right to deviate from the agreed price if the duration or the area to be treated is changed. This is then discussed with the patient prior to treatment.

Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, rates are valid for the duration of one calendar year and can be adjusted and/or indexed annually.

The client is responsible for ensuring that he is aware of whether and to what extent his insurer reimburses the treatment. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the client whether or not to declare invoices to his insurer.


THE LASER CLUB has the right to change rates. For each treatment, the rate that is stated on the site of THE LASER CLUB at the time of the treatment applies. In the event that THE LASER CLUB has issued a quotation/quotation, this will remain valid for the period indicated on the quotation/quotation.

The client pays by debit card immediately after the treatment.

If THE LASER CLUB treats the client on account, the client will ensure full payment within 14 days and the relevant amount will be credited to the relevant account of THE LASER CLUB, stating the invoice number.

Payments are first deducted from the oldest outstanding invoices.

In the event that the client does not pay the invoice on time and/or in full after request or demand from THE LASER CLUB, it is in default and in default. THE LASER CLUB is then entitled to charge the client the statutory interest on the invoice amount or the remainder thereof. THE LASER CLUB is then also authorized to take collection measures (or have them taken) without further notice. The costs associated with the collection (including the extrajudicial costs and other costs) will be borne by the client.

In the event of payment arrears, THE LASER CLUB is authorized to suspend further treatment or to perform it only against direct cash payment.

The payment obligation is not suspended because the client submits a complaint against THE LASER CLUB about the invoice and/or the treatment, unless THE LASER CLUB agrees to the suspension of the payment obligation.

The payment obligation does not expire if the client terminates the agreement.

The prices mentioned (for example on the website or in the offer/treatment agreement) are always subject to typing errors.

no show

If a client cancels or reschedules an appointment, or does not appear:
and it concerns a consultation appointment - intake interview - test treatment, then 75.00 Euro will be charged if the cancellation or rescheduling takes place 24 hours or less before the appointment, or if the client does not appear;
– and it concerns a treatment, then 75 euros will be charged if the cancellation or rescheduling takes place 24 hours or less before the treatment appointment, or if the client does not appear;
Barring evidence to the contrary, the administration of THE LASER CLUB applies in this respect until full proof that such an agreement was made.

canceling, postponing or rescheduling treatment due to illness or injury; You must submit a signed written medical statement from your general practitioner or treating specialist stating that the planned treatment cannot take place on the planned treatment date.

Appointments can only be made by email (info@thelaserclub.nl), or by telephone (on the telephone number communicated by THE LASER CLUB on the website).

Force of the majority

THE LASER CLUB is not obliged to fulfill any obligation towards the client if THE LASER CLUB is prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance that cannot be attributed to its fault and is not otherwise for its account. Such a circumstance includes, among other things, a strike, an unforeseeable shortage of personnel, illness of a practitioner, departure of a practitioner, lockdown, a general lack of the necessary (raw) materials and/or other necessary items or services that necessary for the execution of the assignment.

During a period of force majeure, THE LASER CLUB's obligations are suspended. If that period lasts longer than three months, both parties have the right to dissolve the agreement, without any obligation to pay compensation in that case.

Both THE LASER CLUB and the client retain the right to change the date and/or time for the treatment at any time due to demonstrable special circumstances (force majeure).


THE LASER CLUB cannot predict exactly how many treatments someone will need and cannot be held liable for this. The employees/practitioners of THE LASER CLUB can only indicate the average number of treatments.

THE LASER CLUB is not liable for pigment shifts (hyper/hypopigmentation), burning, skin damage or scar tissue after or as a result of the treatment.

The liability of THE LASER CLUB, both for direct and for consequential damage and insofar as this is covered by its liability insurance, is limited to the amount of the payment made by the insurer.

If the insurer does not pay out in any case, or if the damage is not covered by the insurance, THE LASER CLUB's liability is limited to the amount of the invoice.

Rights to compensation due to liability expire after 1 year after the event causing the damage occurred.

THE LASER CLUB is not responsible for damage resulting from the incomplete and/or truthful information regarding the general health of the client regarding circumstances that may affect the treatment.

THE LASER CLUB is not liable for damage to or loss of the client's property. The client himself must take the necessary care to prevent damage to or loss of his property.


In case of dissatisfaction or a complaint from the client about the treatment by the practitioner, the client must report this to the practitioner as soon as possible. The practitioner and the client then both make an effort to come to a solution.

A complaint as referred to in article 12.1 of these general terms and conditions must be submitted by the client by e-mail.

Applicable law

Only Dutch law applies to the agreement concluded between the practitioner, THE LASER CLUB, and the patient, and to any further agreements concluded for the implementation thereof. Any disputes will be submitted to the Dutch court.


If any provision in these general terms and conditions is null and void or is annulled, the other provisions will remain in effect.


THE LASER CLUB is free to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time. After amendment, all previous versions of the General Terms and Conditions expire. In the event that any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is unenforceable by law, the other provisions will remain in full force and effect and the relevant provision will be amended as soon as possible in such a way that it is in accordance with the law.

Communication expressions

None of THE LASER CLUB's expressions, services, products and materials may be copied or otherwise reproduced, digitally or analogue, without express written permission in advance. Such permission can only be granted via info@thelaserclub.nl

It is also prohibited to change the content of the website or other social media. The information (including image and sound material) provided by THE LASER CLUB on the website or in social media is subject to copyright, either of THE LASER CLUB or of suppliers of THE LASER CLUB. It is therefore strictly prohibited to copy and/or otherwise reproduce such material.

If the Other Party provides information (regardless of the form) via the website and/or social media, it is assumed that there is no copyright, unless this is expressly stated. If not expressly stated, THE LASER CLUB is free to use such information.